tapocitos big game hunts

Tapocitos Big Game Hunts

  Mule Deer and Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting

Elk Sunset New Mexico

The Hunt

The hunt is catered to your style of hunting, accompanied with our suggested strategies for success. We have stilted blinds at ground level and others that go as high as 20 ft. and are fully insulated for rifle hunters that prefer hunting out of a blind. We have lean to ladder tree stands for bow hunters that prefer hunting out of a stand, as well as pop up ground blinds. 
Terrain at Tapocitos Park


We range from 6500 ft. to 7500 ft. in elevation, with a medium degree of terrain. The terrain is phenomenal for 'spot and stalk' hunting. Hunters that prefer the 'spot and stalk' style of hunting are taken to high points to glass for animals. The property has a great amount of cover to make stalks to our feed plot fields. 

Whether you’re hunting with a bow or a rifle, you have a great chance at harvesting a trophy animal. The difference between our high fence trophy park and free range hunting is the amount of opportunities you have at harvesting and, of course, the guaranteed class of trophies in the trophy park. Both hunts can be very challenging, but with the variety of hunting strategies we offer, you have a great probability of harvesting a trophy. 

Hunters can expect bulls up to 330” and bucks up to 200” on our free range hunt. The average bull harvested will go in the 270” range and the average buck in the 170” range. Our hunt success rates vary from year to year due to conditions. Free range rifle hunters can expect an 85% success rate for a bull and a 90% success rate for a buck. Free range bow hunters can expect a 40% success rate for bulls and a 50% success rate for a buck. Rifle trophy park hunters can expect a 98% success rate for a bull and the same for a buck. The reason we are not a 100% rifle success rate in the trophy park is because of the amount of cover and acreage, as well as weather conditions. Trophy park bow hunters can expect an 85% success rate for bulls and a 95% success rate for bucks. 
The Guides at Tapocitos

The Guides

Our team of guides here at TBGH love to hunt! When we aren’t guiding hunters, we are hunting for ourselves. To us there is nothing better than getting to do what we love for a living. Hunters can expect us to be as, or at times, more excited on a hunt than they are. We treat your hunt personally. With that said, expect us to do everything in our power to assure your hunt is successful and fitted to your expectations.